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    Remote monitoring

    MSI works with IMBU for remote monitoring of compressor performance. IMBU has been monitoring and analyzing compression equipment in the most remote places on the planet for several years. A proven solution which works under the toughest conditions!

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    Analyze in Real-Time

    • The IMBU web-suite offers unprecedented analysis tools, all available online through a standard Google Chrome web-browser.
    • Crank-angle reference vibration analysis, visualized through waterfall diagrams are served in parallel with substantial amounts of process- and engine-related contextual data. This allows users to quickly recognize the early stages of an upcoming failure or optimize compressor-efficiency.
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    Detailed Driver Monitoring

    • To also allow detailed monitoring of the driver, IMBU picks-up detailed operational data from the gas-engine management.
    • Depending on which driver is being used, this includes e.g. combustion times, detonation levels, exhaust-gas temperatures and secondary ignition voltages.
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    Project Example

    • Zhaikmunai LLP uses IMVIB to monitor all 15 of their field gas compressors. The primary production asset is the Chinarevskoye oil-field, located in the North-West of Kazakhstan.
    • Its operation includes an LPG-plant with several reciprocating and screw-compressors with IMBU for remote monitoring of compressor performance.