MSI Kazakhstan provides efficient & pro-active “After Market Services” for your Gas & Energy equipment.

MSI represents leading equipment manufacturers in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

We supply:

  • New gas generators/engines & compressor units/compressors & ancillary equipment (filtration, cooling, ignition, controls,..)
  • Spare parts & sub-assemblies for same.
  • Technical support.
  • Services (on site and in our workshop).
  • Technical training.
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PrincipalsView all

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    MSI is the official Waukesha distributor for Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

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    MSI is Altronic’s Factory Direct Channel Partner and provides decades of experience.

  • Thumbnail for Cooper Machinery Services

    Cooper is the OEM for Cooper-Bessemer, Ajax®, Superior®, Gemini®, Enterprise®, TSI®, CSI®, TXC®, and Joy®. With a very strong technical background, Cooper place their focus on end-user support.

ServicesView all

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    Aktobe workshop

    MSI offers workshop repair, component exchange or swing programs allowing operators to drastically reduce field maintenance activities and improve their operational cost-efficiency.

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    Expert Technical Support

    MSI experienced team are experts in the operation and maintenance of gas engines and compressors. Our on-site team are ready to mobilise to site on short-notice.

EngineeringView all

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    MSI Kazakhstan, in cooperation with Quorex, its sister company in Geneva, has increased its engineering capabilities year on year since the company was started over 10 years ago.

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    Project Audit & Control

    MSI offers engineering services for large compressor projects. Including Audit and Control functions to ensure you receive the package as intended and as per specifications.

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    New Compressors

    MSI and Quorex are actively involved in the supply of new compression equipment. Based on an extensive experience of gas compressors in remote and harsh working conditions, we ensure practical yet state of the art technical solutions.

MonitoringRead more

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    Remote monitoring

    MSI works with IMBU for remote monitoring of compressor performance. IMBU has been monitoring and analyzing compression equipment in the most remote places on the planet for several years. A proven solution which works under the toughest conditions!